We are no shop.

We collect motorcycles as from 1977. And try to be there for everyone who has questions ragarding motorcycles.

By building a many years' expertise we have to also a wide network all attentive solve problems.

We only purchase at the large concessionnaires of Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki & Yamaha.

(For Italian, English and especially American you have to look someplace else)

It is further well possible that here and there also a car slips in between. The boss likes to change car very often so they can be yours too.

Also we provide in the o so important and rare after sales in a way you have never seen before. For that we are available 6 days a

week. We use the 7th day for ourselves

We have been persuaded of it that driving motorcycles are a must for everyone. We offer thus a life style or an important supplement to it.